Why counselling?  

  • Everyone, from time to time, faces troublesome situations.
  • Or maybe the troubles never went away.
  • Talking to friends is sometimes just not enough.
  • And sometimes even your best friends are on silent.
  • Everyone sometimes needs to talk – to be heard, supported, advised.

As an enthusiastic and experienced psychologist I can offer the support you seek. Together we can  journey the paths of your troubles – both past and present. The reasons behind and the consequences today. Together we look to expose and identify the obstacles. Sometimes such blocks will be resolved, sometimes not. Such is the nature of psychological counselling. The outcome is not necessarily resolution – but rather realisation.

Areas of counselling

  • Personal and emotional problems
  • Relationship and marriage issues
  • Upbringing and parenting
  • Work-related counselling
  • Resolving conflict situations